Resource Links

Here are some links you might find helpful in continuing to grow in your discipleship.  Most of the resources below are of our Reformed Tradition, though some to lesser degrees than others.  We believe that the Reformed Tradition did the Church and the world a service it has yet come to fully realize by reigning in a theology of the Roman Catholic Church that had gone seriously awry.  We would do well to pay attention to the Reformers, as they made it their end to give their greatest attention and primacy to the Word of God laid down for us in the Canon of the Scriptures.  Enjoy!
Dr. John Piper will most likely be remembered, when he passes from this life into life eternal with Christ, as our generation’s most passionate preacher for the glory of God and our enjoyment of it.  And there’s no fluff here; Dr. Piper digs deep into the marrow of the God of the Scriptures.  We can say honestly, check out this site and spend hours here; you’ll thank us later.
The Gospel Coalition is a great resource site for current issues and biblical research.
We are big fans of Dr. Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA).  Lots of good resources here, and you can download the church’s app for sermons and great teaching on the Bible.

Baptist Reformed site; a good resource for commentary on current church issues, book reviews and more

Reformation Ink is great resource featuring articles in theology and the mission of the church.  It also contains numerous links, many of which you’ll find below here. is an excellent resource site offering links to Calvin’s commentaries, ancient creeds of the Church,numerous articles and more!

Reformation Theology is another site much like Monergism, offering links and resources you’ll find really helpful.

Michael Horton, PhD., of Westminster Theological Seminary in CA is the Editor of this site which features sound articles in Reformed theology and commentary on today’s church.

John Calvin, the historic Reformer’s, collection of commentaries.  A wealth of insight into Scripture!

Tripp’s page is a great ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ blog, doing the work of applying a Reformed, Covenantal, and Biblical understanding to your life.

Riddlebarger’s site is another good resource offering commentary on the church and theology in the Reformed Tradition