Our Values

Worship: “We become like what we worship,” C.S. Lewis once remarked.  How true that is!  We worship God not because He needs anything from us, but precisely because He is worthy of all praise and worship.  And when we worship we are changed and we reflect that which we adore.  We worship weekly through the Word, praise, weekly celebration around the Communion Table, and liturgy.

Community: The Christian life is hardly an isolated or individualistic one.  God is making a people for Himself, plural.  He has called us together in Him to be born again to the Living Hope of Christ.  God has gifted us with one another for the sojourn to His Kingdom; we heap love, encouragement, accountability, and joyful support upon one another as we all draw nearer and nearer Him who made us.

Discipleship: Life in Christ is one of being shaped into the image of His Son [Eph. 4:15].  We are all works in progress, the Father God being the master workman, shaping us more and more into the form of Jesus, from the inside out.  We have the wonderful privilege of speaking into each others’ lives as fellows sojourners in the faith.  We’ll do this in the classroom and around the fire pit, dinner table, or tavern.  Wherever we are together Christ is with us and his call goes out pursue Him further.

Service: God has gifted each and every one of His people with talents and abilities to serve one another for the greater good of the body and for the advancement of the Gospel.  We love to offer ourselves to one another in sincere service, knowing that we grow tallest when we bend the knee in service to one another and those around us, as we put on display the love of Jesus Christ in the Gospel.